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You asked and we listened! We are happy to introduce a preview of an integrated nesting tool for Autodesk Inventor. Nesting Utility automates the arrangement of flat parts on flat raw material in preparation for 2.5 axis cutting operations.

Is this preview for you?

  • Do you use Inventor Professional as part of Product Design and Manufacturing Collection?
  • Are you looking to maximize material yield and minimize waste?
  • Do you need to nest parts on one or more sheets of material?
  • Does your fabrication process involve 2.5D cutting tools such as laser, plasma, waterjet, etc.?
  • Would you prefer creating nests without leaving the design platform
  • Do you need to maintain associativity to the 3D model?

What does the Nesting Utility Tech Preview Offer?

  • Ability to directly nest Inventor sheet metal parts and assemblies
  • Read in flat pattern DXFs 
  • Nests on multiple sheets of same or varying dimensions
  • Associativity between 3D model and generated nests
  • Ability to export nest as DXF
  • Toolpath and NC generation using HSM CAM workflows
  • Automatic nest reports


Why Join?

By joining the project, you have the ability to access the preview to try pre-release functionality, post your feedback in the user discussion forums, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments concerning Nesting Utility. Your feedback is very valuable to the team and can have a direct impact on future releases of Nesting Utility.

Key Details