Welcome to Project Refinery!

Project Refinery is an Autodesk generative design beta for the architecture, engineering and construction industry. It gives users the power to quickly explore, evaluate, and optimize their Dynamo designs. 

Project Refinery lets you create design options, set goals, and optimize for those goals.  When you choose to maximize or minimize designated outputs, Refinery will return the best options.  It also allows users to use the power of the Dynamo Package Manager and run custom nodes, including Python nodes.  Refinery runs locally on your computer, and allows custom code to take part in design option generation. 

Refinery will run in Dynamo for Revit or Dynamo Sandbox and includes a node to cache Revit data for use in option generation.   Refinery is still a beta project. There are rough edges, but if you would like to try it out and work with us to advance generative design for AEC we would be thrilled.