The Autodesk Feedback Community is where you turn for opportunities to engage with the Autodesk product teams to provide feedback on our software, our services, and our offerings. Formerly focused on being a beta portal, the Autodesk Feedback Community is now expanded to offer you additional opportunities to work closely with our Product Managers, experience designers, developers, QA engineers and other team members throughout the development lifecycle - including technology previews that are very early in the development process.

Beyond testing or evaluating pre-release software, you may also participate in usability exercises for software prototypes.

Every aspect of these programs is targeted to involve you, our customer. The direct feedback that you provide as part of these programs enables us to continue our tradition of producing better products, with higher quality, that is more appropriate to your needs.

For further information please review the different feedback offerings and FAQ's available here. Always indicate your preferences by updating your Autodesk Feedback Community user profile. In general, technology previews are open to the community at large. For projects that are by invitation, please note that while we try to accommodate all requests, completion of Autodesk Feedback Community surveys, questionnaires or profiles does not guarantee your participation in a specific feedback opportunity.


Your privacy is important to us. For information on how Autodesk uses your personal data, please review Autodesk’s privacy policy. Note that email is the primary communication method leveraged by this Community. You can opt out from email communications from the Following tab on a project by project basis.

The Autodesk Feedback Community is hosted on the Centercode platform; see the Centercode Privacy Policy for further information.

Thank you for your interest in Autodesk Feedback Community.