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Autodesk Tandem - Applicant Invite

Welcome to Autodesk Tandem™.  Let’s take this journey together.

For us, Autodesk Tandem helps create a real-time digital reflection of the physical asset. For you, this means spending less time shuffling papers and more time on the work that matters most.

If you are an owner, an operator, or an AEC professional, Autodesk Tandem can help you deliver more value to your customers by giving you the insight you need to take control of your assets. 

By joining our Community, you will be the first to get our regular updates on everything related to Autodesk Tandem, including the Beta Program launch.

Now that you have joined our community, you can expect:
·    Invitation to participate in our Beta Program when available
·    Community forum
·    Digital twin relevant content

Keep an eye on your inbox and kindly allow us some time to provide you with full access to the site for the best Autodesk Tandem experience.

Autodesk Tandem Team