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ITF Summit Registration



We are pleased to invite you to the  Inside the Factory (ITF) Summit!

Each year Autodesk Product Development teams gather customers together in order to show what we are developing for 2022 and beyond.  During this event, you will be able to test new functionality and provide feedback to the Product Management and Development teams.

This year we will be doing the entire event virtually through our Feedback Community.  To help you understand how the ITF Summit has changed we have created a video walkthrough of the event you can play below

Here is a schedule for the event 

Dates: 10/27 - 10/29

Time Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday
9:00 - 9:50 PM Keynote Customer Success Model States
10:00 - 10:50 Performance In-product Feedback/UI Modernization Factory
11:00 - 11:50 MFG Interop Install Enhancements Inventor/Revit Interop
12:00 - 12:50   Cloud Services Wrap Up

(All times are in PST)

Session Descriptions

PM Keynote - The Product Management team will kick off the event and give a high-level overview of the different initiatives and how they tie into the larger goals of Inventor.

Performance - The Performance team continues to boost Inventor productivity with faster experience.

MFG Interop - The MFG Interop team is working on a better link between Fusion and Inventor to take advantage of some of Fusion's Advanced Manufacturing and Generative Design

Customer Success - The Customer Success team is working on a variety of enhancements to improve existing workflows for the majority of users; many are selected from "Inventor Ideas" (formerly the Inventor Ideastation)

In-product Feedback - The In-product Feedback team is implementing an in-product tool for our users to easily rate their overall experience with Inventor and specific targeted workflows so that we can learn and improve the product in areas most important to our users.

UI Modernization - The UI Modernization team continues to improve the look, feel and productivity with major improvements to the fillet command planned for this year.

Install Enhancements - The install development team is improving the user experience with a new, modern install and deployment user interface for the Inventor, Vault, and Factory Design Utility products.

Cloud Services - The Cloud Services team works on Forge Design Automation (FDA).  You will see how FDA is used on a sample configuration web, which the team put together to help customers of Configurator 360 to move to Forge services.

Model States - The Model States (formerly Alt-Reps) team is a multi-year project that is working on allowing users to create multiple states of parts and assemblies that can be stored within a single part or assembly file.

Factory - The Factory team is working on consuming the Model States changes, leveraging the improved Simplify command and adding other user improvements to the Factory Design Utility.

Inventor/Revit Interop - The Inventor/Revit Interop team is creating a workflow to export Revit model (RVT) files and also improving the Simplify command (consolidating the former Shrinkwrap and Shrinkwrap Substitute commands).

Wrap Up - The PM team will wrap up the event with a Q&A session 

Note: If you are already a member of the internal Inventor Feedback Community, this link simply adds you to the event specific team. If you are not already a member then this link will give you full access to the internal Inventor Feedback Community (Alpha/Beta project for the latest release activities).

Many Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the event.

The Inventor Team