Become a Fusion Insider
Here's what it means to be Fusion Insider:

As a Fusion Insider, you will have early access to the next production version of Fusion, several weeks before it is released to the general public. Along with getting early access, you will also be able to: ​

  • Get your hands on new features, before everyone else​

You’ll be the first to get what’s coming in next product update: new tech, improvements, and fixes. Test workflows and catch issues before it reaches everyone else.​

  • Know in real-time when updates are happening, what’s new, and what’s coming ​

Know, in real-time, when we are deploying an update and what’s coming in the next one, straight from the development team.​

  • ​Gain exclusive access to the Insiders Lounge

As a member, you’ll have access to our private Insider Lounge, where you can engage with other Insiders as well as Autodeskers.

  • - You need to be using Fusion regularly.
  • - You need to use your existing Fusion account info to apply and participate, (if you are approved).
  • Complete the membership application by signing in, sign a NDA to agree that you will not share any non-public information outside of this program. Once you are approved, you can log into the Insider Lounge and have access to the latest Fusion Insider build.