I’m frustrated

I can't install autocad 2014.

"location error" what is this mean?? help me
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  • Hello Nur,

    Thanks for posting your question to the Autodesk 360 feedback portal. You want to check the AutoCAD site for the version of AutoCAD you are trying to install


    Then select AutoCAD based on your version. If it's PC version then check here.


    If it's MAC version then you want to check here.


    Also be sure to check the Autodesk support site.


    Then select the Installation section and the type of installation you are trying to do. In this case standalone.


    There is also a forum just for install and licensing questions and you can check there as well.


    Last but not least if you have the student version be sure to check with the student site as well.


    Hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction for help with your installation issue. Also this site is for Autodesk 360 WEB, Mobile, Sync. Autodesk 360 Render as a Service and Force Effect. So if you need any help with any of those areas be sure to post here.

    Thanks again for posting to the Autodesk 360 site.

    Bud Schroeder
    Autodesk Inc.
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