I’m confused

dwfx preview fails on the cloud

I uploaded some dwfx and dwf files generated from Revit Architecture 2011 to the cloud. Each contained 2D and 3D views. The cloud then 'processes' them for about an hour to create a preview, but then an error comes back saying it failed to create a preview for the file. The two dwf's were 3MB and 9MB respectively. I tried then to open them on my ipad 2 with Design Review Mobile but could not. The raw files open just fine in Design Review on the machine that created them.

I also have a 500Kb dwfx file with a single 3D view now being processed (after being uploaded 25 min ago) and just uploaded a 1.4 MB 2D only dwfx document which is also still processing.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is there some setting which I failed to take care of to make this work better? Is an hour a normal amout of time for the cloud to process a dwf file that was uploaded to it?
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