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Autodesk 360 Rendering Update

As you have probably realized by now, Cloud Rendering is now Autodesk 360 Rendering.

On 3/26 we updated the service and made some major improvements. Here's a summary.

Service Updates

• AutoCAD and Revit 2013 now integrate Rendering natively. No plug-ins are needed any more.
• Images exposure can now be adjusted without having to re-render from the original desktop application. Simply choose the menu option Adjust Exposure, tweak the parameters, and select Apply.
• Solar studies are now supported. When submitting views that are set as Single-day or Multi-day solar studies, the service will now render a preview and then allow the user to check the exposure and submit the rendering of the full solar study. (limit of 30 frames for now)
• The service now scales depending on usage. As the queue grows, more render-nodes will be added. Queue times will be substantially lower.
• Panorama images can now be downloaded as any other image.
• Self-illuminated materials are now supported as real area lights with much higher quality results than what was possible with Revit/AutoCAD and mental ray.
• A new thumbnail menu option let you quickly filter that specific view.

Revit 2012 Add-in updates

A new version of the Revit Add-in for Revit 2012 has been posted and can be downloaded from the Rendering service portal New Rendering page (hotfix 03). All supported languages are available.

• If you try to quit Revit while an upload is in progress a warning dialog will appear and allow you to cancel or complete the upload.
• Fixes a bug that was preventing the translation of files containing nested RPC instances

Note that with Revit 2013 the separate add-in installation is not necessary any more. Don't try to install it, the cloud rendering option is available next to the local rendering button in the View ribbon.

The help page has been updated too. Check the current service limitations that we are enforcing until the full charging system is in place. They are in the FAQ topic.

Check also a couple of links here on how to view downloaded panoramas.