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Autodesk 360 Mobile file formats

I've been trialling Autodesk 360 Mobile for a week now and I have converted some models to each of the different formats to test performance. So far I've discovered the following.
.nwd - after telling me the file is large do i want to contine.. download for a while and then the app just closes. Had no luck with these.
.dwf/ dwfx - will load on the mobile app but half the elements are missing
.dwg - so far are the most successful. also the models dont like to be more than 15 meg but they display very well and with minor errors (a couple missing elements but not serious)

Can you tell me if this is normal and if dwg does generally have more success over the other formats? The larger files show a preview of the .nwd but not on the .dwg. However I'm unable to open .nwd and I can open the smaller .dwg.

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