AutoCAD for Microsoft Surface PRO

Would you guys recommend microsoft surface pro to run autocad 2014?
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  • Hello Dimitris,

    You want to post this question in the AutoCAD Feedback forums.

    Then select AutoCAD.

    Having said that I have a Surface Pro with AutoCAD 2014 installed on it and I love it. But it's too small for production work. But if you wanted to take The Surface Pro in the field to do edits or small changes it works very well. But again the screen size is very small. If you need a system to work in AutoCAD full time I would get a full blown laptop or desktop depending on your needs.

    I would also recommend asking this same question in the AutoCAD forum to see if others that have the Surface Pro jump in with there experiences here.

    Hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction for your question.

    Bud Schroeder
    Autodesk Inc.
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